We only post one or two sample trip reports here. Please email us (info@old.birdingecotours.com) for more trip reports from this destination.

Argentina Trip Reports

Argentina, the Northwest Trip Report, September 2017

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My friend Bill Heck and I liked the idea of heading to Argentina for some birding, so why not? It really was that easy: we booked our flights, and the…

Brazil Trip Reports

Brazil trip report

Brazil: Cerrado, Amazon and Pantanal Trip Report, September 2019

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Our 2019 “The Best of Brazil: Pantanal, Cerrado and Atlantic Forest” tour allowed all participants to have encounters with a great selection of birds and by far the best experience…

Colombia Trip Reports

The Very Best of Colombia Trip Report, February 2020

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Our 19-day Colombia tour 2020 was a fabulous experience, which allowed us to see probably the best birding route of the country and most of the highlights that this amazing…

Costa Rica Trip Reports

Costa Rica Escape 2022 report

Costa Rica Escape Tour – Set-departure Birding Trip Report, January 2022

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It was a real pleasure to have the chance to return to Costa Rica to lead our first Neotropical tour of 2022. Due to the interests of the participants on…

Costa Rica Escape Set-departure Trip Report, January 2019

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This Costa Rica Escape 2019 trip was our first tour of the year, starting only three days after the arrival of the New Year. It was an incredible trip, which…

Complete Costa Rica Birding Trip Report, March 2017

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This scheduled tour around northern Costa Rica, doubling as a Conservation Tour for the Neotropical Bird Club, commenced on the 13th of March 2017 in...

Cuba Trip Reports

Cuba Birding Tour Trip Report, March 2017

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This was another fantastic Cuban birding tour with a wonderful group of participants. We found all the Cuban and regional endemics we were targeting, except for Gundlach’s...

Dominican Republic Trip Reports

Dominican Republic trip report

Dominican Republic Trip Report, March 2020

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The tour began in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, on the 13th of March 2020 and finished back there on the 18th of March.

Ecuador Trip Reports

galápagos trip report

Birding Cruise Galápagos: Natural History Extravaganza Trip Report , October 2021

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The Galápagos Islands is a dream destination for naturalists. These ever-changing islands are...
northern ecuador report

Northern Ecuador Birding Paradise – Antpitta and Hummingbird Extravaganza: Set Departure Trip Report , November 2021

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This 18-day northern Ecuador set departure tour began at 9,350 feet (2,850 meters) above sea level in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. From here we explored to the east, stopping…

Guatemala Trip Reports

guatemala tour report

Guatemala: Custom Birding Tour Report, March 2022

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Guatemala is quite simply an amazing place for travel and birding. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked by birders...

Guyana Trip Reports

Guyana Trip Report

Guyana Custom Tour Trip Report, January 2020

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This was the first Neotropical 2020 Birding Ecotours trip, a shortened version of our set-departure Guyana trip. With only 10 days available we did our best to provide a great…

Panama Trip Reports

Panama: Canopy Tower, Darien, Canopy Lodge and Tranquilo Bay Trip Report, January 2016

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Birding Ecotours had the opportunity to return to Panama this year as part of a scouting trip to visit the Canopy Family lodges with the main idea to create a…

Peru Trip Reports

Northwest Argentina birding tours

Central Peru Trip Report, September 2019

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Our Central Peru tour 2019 was one of the most enjoyable trips along this great birding route. The trip is a fabulous, long drive across four Peruvian states, providing the…

Peru: Manu Biosphere and Northern Peru Custom Tour Trip Report, October/November 2018

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Our last 2018 Peru trip was an incredible adventure! For a full month we experienced and enjoyed this birding and...

Peru: Northwest and Abra Patricia Mountains Trip Report, July/August 2018

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Our 2018 Peru: Northwest and Abra Patricia Mountains tour was perhaps one of the most memorable trips we have...

Peru: Machu Picchu and the Manu Road Trip Report, July 2017

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Without doubt, our 2017 Peru Cusco and Manu birding trip was a great experience for those who never have been in the Neotropics, especially considering the short time to..