Andy Walker - Birding Ecotours

Andrew Walker

Senior Tour Leader and UK Office Manager. Andrew (Andy) Walker is usually based out in Asia and Australia, if not in his UK home office. Andy has spent the last 32 years birding extensively across the world with …

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Birding Ecotours - Chris Lotz

Chris Lotz

CEO and Owner of Birding Ecotours. Colloquially referred to as ‘boss man’ by some fellow staff members, Chris is exactly that, the CEO and founder of Birding Ecotours. Underneath Chris’s unassuming …

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Dominic Rollinson - Birding Ecotours

Dominic Rollinson

Senior Birding Guide and Website Manager. Dom grew up in Zululand in northeastern South Africa, where his passion for birding began at a young age. Soon birding the savannas and forests of Zululand …

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Dylan Vasapolli - Birding Ecotours

Dylan Vasapolli

Senior Tour Leader and South African Office Manager Dylan Vasapolli grew up in the suburbs of Johannesburg and was fortunate enough to experience the joys of the then largely still-wild surroundings on a regular basis. From a young …

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Eduardo Ormaeche - Birding Ecotours

Eduardo Ormaeche

Senior Tour Leader and South American Office Manager. Eduardo Ormaeche has been working continuously for Birding Ecotours since 2004. He started guiding tours in his native country of Peru and from there spread out into…

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Galo Real

Tour Leader. Galo Real was born and raised in the heart of the Andes in Quito, Ecuador.  After graduating with a degree in Eco-tourism from Catholic University in Quito (PUCE), he became qualified as a Naturalist…

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Giancarlo Ventolini

Tour Leader. Giancarlo, a new addition to the Birding Ecotours team, comes from an Italian family that immigrated to Colombia, where he grew up and lives. Giancarlo has been in love with birds and nature all his life…

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Jacob Roalef - Birding Ecotours

Jacob Roalef

Tour Leader and USA Office Manager. Jacob Roalef has spent his whole life living in the greater Dayton, Ohio, area. From a young age he has been fascinated with the outdoors and the creatures that inhabit it. First it…

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Luis Gles - Birding Ecotours

Luis Gles

Tour Leader. Luis Eduardo Gles is a naturalist from Colombia, where he grew up exploring the country. In his homeland he fell in love with nature, and that is when his fascination with birds began. Luis is currently living in Miami …

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Nadia Brooks

Head of Company Administration. Every company has its staff members who simply ‘make things work’, and when it comes to Birding Ecotours that’s Nadia. Being in charge of the company’s office administration…

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Oli Reville Birding Ecotours

Oliver Reville

Tour Leader. Oliver (Oli) Reville is from Fakenham, Norfolk, England and has spent the last ten years exploring Europe with a primary focus on its birdlife and reptiles. He has also spread his wings further afield …

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